How to Back Up Your WordPress Site

1. log in and hover over Settings
2. click on Updraft Plus
3. click blue Back Up Now button

How to Download Your WordPress Back Up Files

If you click on the Existing Backups tab you can see the most recent back up available for download.

1. Click on the files you want to download (Database, Plugins, Themes, etc – usually you would want all of them)
2. It will prepare them for download. Click on the box that says Download to your Computer for each one and then save it.

Additional Settings

(found in the Settings tab once you are in the Updraft section in the dashboard).

  • You can set up Updraft Plus to do backups on a schedule (daily, weekly).
  • You can also set it up to save your backups to an external location such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Watch a video tutorial in our previous blog post about Updraft Plus here.

Important Notes:

  •  You should be confident your site is being backed up and have a way to restore your site quickly if there is ever a problem.
  • You definitely need a copy of your back up stored somewhere other than your server -either remote storage or a device like an external hard drive.