As of last month Microsoft stopped supporting all legacy versions of Internet Explorer. They are now only providing support to users of Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11).

Update to Internet Explorer 11 or Remove Internet Explorer Completely

If you have Internet Explorer installed on your computer it is important that you either remove it or update it to the most recent version. Otherwise it may make your computer vulnerable because Microsoft is no longer providing security updates for older versions.

According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer is a feature of Windows and can not be removed, only turned off.

Visit this link for instructions about how to turn off Internet Explorer.

However there are instructions online for removing and uninstalling Internet Explorer out there (I just Googled it). I can’t endorse these because this is not my area of expertise. If you need help, I can find some IT support for you.

What Version Of Internet Explorer Am I Using?

Visit this link and it will tell you which version you are using, or confirm that you do not have IE on your computer.

Which Internet Explorer am I using?



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