Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, Desktop?

When discussing a website design or redesign, one of the factors will be what kind of devices (and what browser) will be used to access your site. For example, in some industries the target market is still using PC desktops and Internet Explorer. However, in most cases, people are increasingly using their smartphones.

Once the site is launched we can confirm this information using data gathered from actual site visits. It is important to monitor device and browser use so that you can adapt to your target market’s needs. If you already have a site and access to this data, you can confirm that your website works for your visitors.

If your website was built more than a year ago, it may be time to consider moving to a responsive or adaptive design (websites that work on different devices) or adding some features to your existing site (i.e. adjusting images and your nav bar for different screen sizes).

Google Our Mobile Planet

I used Our Mobile Planet to chart smartphone adoption in Canada. Checkout the site yourself to create custom charts to deepen your understanding of the mobile consumer and get the data you need to guide your mobile strategy:


Canadian smartphone use by age group:


Compare the above demographics to the smartphones used in the USA to see how important it is to consider your market: