You will see these two terms used in reports generated from Google Analtyics and there are always questions – what is the difference between search queries and keywords?

googlieWhat are Search Queries?

Search queries are words people type into the search engine which results in your site popping up (but not necessarily clicking through).

Search Queries reports will show how many times your site showed up in the results (impressions), how many times they clicked through to your website, the position of in results, and the click through rate (CTR).

What are Organic Keywords?

A report that lists organic keywords shows the search terms that brought visitors to your site. Unlike search queries, this list reflects actual visits to your site – not just appearances in search results. This list also only shows visits from people who clicked on your site in the organic search results (not paid ads).

Note: if you visit your Google Analytics account and you can’t see this data, check your Google Search Console (or better yet, connect them).