If you have a Full Serve service plan, please contact us right away. 

For emergencies like this, please text or call our main phone number. 604-328-2207.

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No service plan?

Often the fastest and cheapest solution is to call your hosting company directly – they usually know why it’s broken and often they can fix it for free. If they can’t fix it, you can then hire us to do it.

Want us to handle it all for you?

Please give us a call. You can speed up the process by having your WordPress, hosting, and domain account access ready for us. We have helped many clients restore their sites – not just our website project clients but also new clients who need help.

You don’t need to be an existing Full Serve customer to get our help. 

Why is My Website Broken?

  • A WordPress site has many parts that need to work together: the WordPress files, the theme, plugins, the type of hosting, the database, and versions of php. A conflict between these things can cause a site to break or disappear off the internet completely.
  • Sites can be hacked or have malicious code added to them. Sometimes this breaks the site, but other times it causes warnings to show up with the site in search results.
  • Signs your site is having issues: your website looks different (parts missing, style missing), a white page with a message comes up (example: fatal error), a message from your hosting company comes up (instead of your site), or visits to the site take you somewhere else instead (redirection).
  • Sometimes the website is not down, but the internet connection or the device is the problem. Always make sure you check other websites and check from an additional device (such as your phone).
  • If you haven’t renewed your hosting or your domain, this can also be the cause! Do you know where your site is hosted and where your domain(s) is registered? (If you are a Full Serve client, this information is provided in the Project Delivery Information sheet.)
  • You can check if your site is down or if it’s just you at downforeveryoneorjustme.com.

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