Did you know Tanya Bennett is the founder of todaysworkshop.com? You probably know her as the owner  of Full Serve, but she is also a coach and instructor. Tanya originally created Todays Workshop in 2011 as a resource for business owners and entrepreneurs who participated in her Business Communications and Social Media workshops or attended one of her speaking engagements or webinars.


Tanya Bennett has been an instructor at Langara College’s Self Employment program since 2011. She currently teaches two 3-hour social media workshops and has one-on-one advising time with participants. Past speaking engagements include groups of university students and English language learners (groups of 15 – 50 students), two topics at ANM 2015 (Website Trends, Twitter), and presentations about website best practices and digital marketing via webinar to participants of the HEROs program (up to 75 attendees at a time).


In 2013, Tanya Bennett partnered with Erica Halvorsen, a marketing instructor, at B.C.I.T.‘s School of Business to rebrand Today’s Workshop. Both Tanya and Erica are contributors to the site and share best practices about marketing, branding, social media and business communications.

You may recognize Erica, who often joins the Full Serve team to work on projects with a branding component. Her consulting company is called Erica Jane.

Full Serve shares technical how-to’s and specifics on the Full Serve Client Support blog based on client questions. TodaysWorkshop.com shares information with broader strokes: goal setting, strategies, and best practices. There is a lot of helpful information there, we hope you check it out.

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