Holiday Hours at Full Serve


Full Serve will be closed December 17 - January 2 We will be available in case of emergency and all monthly service plans will continue as scheduled. All project timelines were built with this closure in mind, but please check in with us if you have any questions. Thank you for another wonderful year!  

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Protect Your WordPress Site from Attacks


There is a major attack on Wordpress sites in progress and your site could be vulnerable. Here are some simple ways to quickly protect your site: Quick and Effective Ways to Protect Your Wordpress Site from Attack 1. The attack targets sites using the default 'admin' login - if you are currently signing in to [...]

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Social Media | Event Promotion


I recently managed social media for BC Naturopathic Medicine Week. I had around 5 days to build a blog, @bcnaturopath Twitter profile, and Facebook page ( for the event and then managed it for seven weeks (along with a Google and Facebook Ad campaigns). This was a fun project with a positive energy, I really [...]

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Full Serve is Going To Google School


I am attending a Google Engage Master Class tomorrow - it's a full day event and I'm on the 'Advanced Track', so I expect to be a Google Ad Master by the end of it! I've been managing Google Ad campaigns for 5 years (in fact, I am managing a campaign for one of my [...]

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