Protecting Your Privacy: Facebook


It seems like every few months this pops up again. Your friends start posting status updates on Facebook that ask you to change your settings to protect their privacy. This is misinformed - 1. Fact Check Before You Post Please always check out the validity of something before you repost it to your own status. [...]

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Please Help Stop SOPA


<p>As a Canadian, you can still protest SOPA by petitioning the State Department (click on the 'Not in the US?' button at the bottom).</p><p></p><p>More Information: </p>

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Social Media Policy Workshop


Full Serve Clients If you have a twitter account, you are invited to participate in my workshops about Social Media Policy. Join me and about 25 UBC students/recent alumni to discuss this topic at 11:25 or 1:55pm this Saturday, Jan 14 Share your expertise or learn something new while you help me make these workshops [...]

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