Online Tools for Bookkeeping and Accounting


Recently a client asked me what tools we use at Full Serve for bookkeeping and accounting. As a digital marketing agency, of course we like to keep things online ;) Dropbox We use Dropbox for File Management - receipts are easily scanned using the Dropbox phone app and saved to a monthly expenses folder shared [...]

Online Tools for Bookkeeping and Accounting2019-01-14T11:32:13-08:00

LinkedIn B2B Marketing


I'm looking forward to attending a B2B Video LinkedIn & Hootsuite Marketing Lab tomorrow afternoon. I anticipate this is going to be very useful, both as a business owner whose client base is primarily other businesses AND as a service provider who helps other businesses with B2B marketing! The students in my social media classes in the [...]

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Social Media is Sweet: A HootSuite Story


via Social media can drive your business but don't forget to have fun! I'm here to help, with: social media management, content creation, profile/page admin, design, and coaching. tanya (at)

Social Media is Sweet: A HootSuite Story2017-05-23T09:18:43-07:00

Business in Vancouver – Small Business 2012


Open publication - Free publishing - More business via Just released today - a special report for small businesses, including a list of tech tools for productivity (page 12), branding (page 11), and social media (page 4). Lots of information - let me know if you have any questions!

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