Our Rates are Going Up


Please note that Full Serve's rates are going up effective July 15, 2020. Proposals out for consideration will expire on July 15, 2020 unless they specifically describe a different expiry date therein. Rates for Monthly Service Packages active as of July 15, 2020 will be honoured until July 15 2021. Interested in a Monthly Service [...]

Our Rates are Going Up2020-06-02T09:16:33-07:00

How to add users to your Mailchimp Account


Full Serve may require access to your Mailchimp account if you have hired us to add some fancy sign up boxes to your site, design your newsletter/email marketing campaigns, or automate a newsletter generate from your blog. The Mailchimp knowledgebase has a fantastic step by step animation of how to manage users on your Mailchimp [...]

How to add users to your Mailchimp Account2018-01-30T10:34:07-08:00

Editing RSS Newsletter Sidebars in Mailchimp


If you have a RSS Newsletter, most of the content is automatically generated from your blog's RSS newsfeed. However, you will also have sections that are part of the newsletter design and do not change regularly. For example: social sharing links, a book now button, office hours, or even a quote or featured product or [...]

Editing RSS Newsletter Sidebars in Mailchimp2017-05-23T09:18:41-07:00