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10 Tips for your LinkedIn Company Page Top 10 Tips from Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012 from LinkedIn Does your company have a LinkedIn page yet? We can help!

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How Do I Endorse Someone? | LinkedIn


What are LinkedIn Endorsements? LinkedIn skill endorsements are a fast yet effective way to recommend your connections with just a click. You can endorse any of your first connections (people to whom you are directly connected) by visiting their profile. There may be a blue box at the top of their profile featuring some of [...]

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Editing Your Company Page | LinkedIn


How to Change Your Company Page on LinkedIn Step by step instructions for clients who would like to make changes to their company page. 1. Click on the 'Company' tab at the top. 2. Type in the name of your company in the box that shows up. 3. Click on the blue 'search' button. 4. [...]

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