Create a LinkedIn Company Page


What is a LinkedIn Company Page? Facebook has business pages... LinkedIn has company pages. Their set up and functions are very similar but their audience is different. Who Should Have a LinkedIn Company Page? If you are B2B (business to business) or your target audience is made up of business professionals, LinkedIn company pages are a [...]

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How Do I Endorse Someone? | LinkedIn


What are LinkedIn Endorsements? LinkedIn skill endorsements are a fast yet effective way to recommend your connections with just a click. You can endorse any of your first connections (people to whom you are directly connected) by visiting their profile. There may be a blue box at the top of their profile featuring some of [...]

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Linkedin Hacked: Change Your Password Now


It’s been a rough day for Linkedin, first with news that its iOS app collects full meeting notes and details from a device’s calendar and sends them back to the company in plain text. Then later news that more than 6.5 million password were reported compromised. Norweigan IT website Dagens IT first reported the breach, noting that “Two days ago a [...]

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6 Steps to a More Marketable LinkedIn Profile


via Are You Joining LinkedIn or Does Your LinkedIn Profile Need a Tune-Up? Here are some great tips from Jeff Haden at Inc. Key points: include keywords, de-clutter, and rethink your profile photo. Full Serve Web creates LinkedIn profiles for clients: this is a service we provide on its own, or as just one [...]

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LinkedIn Basics: Privacy Controls


Two tips if you are setting up or editing your Linkedin profile:  How To Make Profile Views Private on Linkedin  Select What Others See When You View Their Profile It's smart to check out competitors, past colleagues, and previous employers on Linkedin when you are setting up your profile; however, you might not want them [...]

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