How to Upload a Video to a Facebook Page


Recently a client asked me how to upload a video to their business page so I thought it would be helpful to share with all of you. Refresher - How to Access Your Facebook Page First of all, don't forget you need to be signed into Facebook as an individual to access your Facebook business [...]

How to Upload a Video to a Facebook Page2018-11-24T13:17:00-08:00

Do I have to use my personal Facebook account to manage my Facebook Page?


Many of my clients like to keep their personal Facebook account separate from their business page and professional image, which is completely understandable! Other clients do not use Facebook at all, and just want a Facebook business page without a personal account. In the past, Facebook allowed you to set up a business account that [...]

Do I have to use my personal Facebook account to manage my Facebook Page?2017-08-10T09:17:50-07:00

Social Media | Event Promotion


I recently managed social media for BC Naturopathic Medicine Week. I had around 5 days to build a blog, @bcnaturopath Twitter profile, and Facebook page ( for the event and then managed it for seven weeks (along with a Google and Facebook Ad campaigns). This was a fun project with a positive energy, I really [...]

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Facebook Business Pages | Tips


via Study shows what visitors are actually looking at when they view a business or brand page on Facebook. Most important: the wall, indicating that a basic Facebook page can be very effective (no need to get fancy!). You can get started in just a few minutes using your logo, a few photos, and [...]

Facebook Business Pages | Tips2017-05-23T09:18:53-07:00