Our Rates are Going Up


Please note that Full Serve's rates are going up effective July 15, 2020. Proposals out for consideration will expire on July 15, 2020 unless they specifically describe a different expiry date therein. Rates for Monthly Service Packages active as of July 15, 2020 will be honoured until July 15 2021. Interested in a Monthly Service [...]

Our Rates are Going Up2020-06-02T09:16:33-07:00

Do I have to use my personal Facebook account to manage my Facebook Page?


Many of my clients like to keep their personal Facebook account separate from their business page and professional image, which is completely understandable! Other clients do not use Facebook at all, and just want a Facebook business page without a personal account. In the past, Facebook allowed you to set up a business account that [...]

Do I have to use my personal Facebook account to manage my Facebook Page?2017-08-10T09:17:50-07:00

How To Add An Admin To Your Facebook Page


When I'm giving an existing Facebook page a tune-up or setting up an ad campaign for my clients, they need to know how to add me as an admin to their page (directions at the Facebook Help Center, above). I request to be added as a Content Creator. That means I can edit the page, [...]

How To Add An Admin To Your Facebook Page2017-05-23T09:18:44-07:00

Facebook Business Pages | Tips


via mashable.com Study shows what visitors are actually looking at when they view a business or brand page on Facebook. Most important: the wall, indicating that a basic Facebook page can be very effective (no need to get fancy!). You can get started in just a few minutes using your logo, a few photos, and [...]

Facebook Business Pages | Tips2017-05-23T09:18:53-07:00