SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization.

The world of SEO can be like the wild west – watch out for the people wearing black hats.

If you get a phone call offering you a free Google listing or promising you a spot on the first page of search results – this is not Google calling you (although they try to make it sound like it).

In fact- just like the movies – if you hitch your wagon to the black hats and start breaking the rules or cheating, you may be punished with poor search engine results or you could even get wiped out from the results completely (not listed at all!).

The best way to be well-positioned in search engine results is to earn your spot authentically over time. Google offers many free resources to help you. Visiting the Search Console Help Center is a great place to start.

If you are considering hiring a SEO company to help you with your search results, please read this article at the Search Console Help Center first. 

Free SEO Tools and Advice

  • GooglebotFree SEO Starter Guide
  • Free Tools: You can sign up for a Google Analytics account and Google Webmaster account for free – these resources give you information about your site traffic, speed, search engine performance, and more. It will also rate how mobile-friendly your site is and notify you of security issues.
  • Free Google Listing: You can get this yourself from Google and verifying your listing is a great step in boosting your search engine results.
  • Free Bing ListingSimilar to Google.
  • This is just a start, there are lots more!

Full Serve SEO

All of Full Serve’s new site builds are built with SEO in mind and include at least a basic SEO starter kit (Google Analytics, Google Search console, premium Yoast SEO plugin install/set up for each site page and license for 1 year). Site redesigns include a SEO tune-up. Full Serve’s owner Tanya Bennett worked as a SEO content manager and writer for several  years prior to starting her own business.

If you have the basics covered and you’re ready for some more SEO work, please contact us – we can help!