I get a lot of questions from clients about how to access their business on Google, and I’m not surprised – it’s not easy to find!

Here are some step-by-step instructions to get to your Google My Business dashboard, page settings, and the Google+ page for your business.

sign in buttonYour Business on Google

1. Sign in to Google.

2. Click on the icon that looks like a Rubik’s cube at the top right.

icons at top left

3. Click on the My Business icon (you may have to scroll down or click on ‘more’ to see it).

google my business iconmy business

4. This should bring you to the Google My Business dashboard (if you have more than one location or brand listing, a list of them may come up first – select the one you want to work on). When you enter your business into Google My Business, your business listing will start to show up on Google Search and Maps. You also automatically get a Google+ page for your business when you add your business.


When you’ve reached your dashboard for your business listing on Google, scroll down to see lots of helpful information or to reach the Google+ Page for your business.

Google Insights – useful information about how people reach your business on Google and the actions they take.

Google Reviews – read customer reviews and respond to them.

YouTube – stats for your YouTube channel if you have one.

Google AdWords – information about ads you are running on Google (if applicable).

Google+ – visit  your Google+ page and share an update.

Google Analytics – useful information about traffic to your website.

Google My Business Options

Once you have reached the Google My Business Dashboard (example shown above), you can access your page settings, verify your page and add or remove managers to your pages.

1. Click on the sandwich menu at the top left.

sandwich menu

Manage Users – lets you add or remove page managers (Owner, Manager, Communications Manager).

Settings – includes options related to notifications/alerts (Example: when a custom leaves a review)

manage users

Just Starting Out? Get Your Business on Google

If your business isn’t listed on Google yet, you can start at google.ca/mybusiness or you can hire us to help you. We set up Google business pages as standalone projects, or as part of a SEO package. We also help business owners during coaching sessions.