Two tips if you are setting up or editing your Linkedin profile: 

How To Make Profile Views Private on Linkedin 

Select What Others See When You View Their Profile

It’s smart to check out competitors, past colleagues, and previous employers on Linkedin when you are setting up your profile; however, you might not want them to see that you were there.

Once you are established on Linkedin you will want to change these settings back – the ability to view other profiles and network-building are what make Linkedin so useful. 

1. Settings 

This is in the dropdown window under your name once you sign in. 

2. Select what others see when you view their profile.

Scroll down and you will see these options under the ‘profile’ tab. 


3. Select the third option if you want to be totally anonymous.


How To Make Your Other Activity Private on Linkedin

Turn Off Your Activity Broadcasts on Linkedin

Linkedin lets your connections know whenever you update your profile or recommend someone. This automatic activity broadcasting can be very useful for networking – it keeps your connections up to date on your recent work and helps you promote other people in your network (which is helpful to everyone, because someone else in your network might be looking for someone like them). However, if you are editing your profile extensively, it can also become very annoying because it will send out a bunch of broadcasts in a row. 

You can turn off your activity broadcasts in Linkedin in the same profile tab area (see #2 above). It is the very first option under Privace Controls: Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.


Just don’t forget to turn them back on when you are done because these activity broadcasts are a great networking tool! 

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