A client recently asked me how to embed a video and I thought I would share this info here. I am going to share the most basic way to do this, but please note your WordPress theme might have a better option built in with instructions included right there.

Avada Theme – Embedding a YouTube Video on a Post or Page

For example if you want to add a video to a site built with the Avada theme, you would click on the ‘Add an Element’ box while using Fusion Builder and then select YouTube.




Then you will see a spot to enter information with these instructions:

Video ID

For example the Video ID for http://www.youtube.com/LOfeCR7KqUs is LOfeCR7KqUs

Embedding a YouTube Video – the Old School Way

You can also embed the video manually by grabbing the code from YouTube and pasting it where you want it.

Click on the share button under the video.

Click the Embed icon. 

Copy the code.

Paste into your site (make sure you click the ‘Text’ tab so you are pasting this code in the right spot! If you past on the ‘Visual’ side in the wordpress editor, it won’t work.

Here is what happens – you can play the video right from your website but it is actually hosted at YouTube (you upload the video there and then embed it on your site).

More Tips

  • If you look at the screenshot above you will see there are some boxes you can select for more options.
  • Video files are big and can slow down your site so it is practical to upload them somewhere else, like YouTube or Vimeo. 


That’s me in the commercial! Did you know I was a child-star for a split second when I was a little girl? Well, maybe not a child-star – I was in ONE commercial ha ha.