What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console used to be known as Google Webmasters and is located at www.google.com/webmasters.

Why Should Your Website Have a Google Search Console Account?

  • it’s free
  • it helps you monitor how your site is performing in Google search results
  • it shows you what Google sees when it crawls your site
  • it provides guidance about how to optimize your site’s presence in Google search results (for example: you will receive messages from Google with tips, be notified of errors, and they even check for malware/security issues)

It is easy to add new users so that they can view and analyze your website’s traffic in Google Analytics. Here are step by step instructions if  you want to provide a team member or a service provider with access to your Google Analytics account.

*You don’t have to sign up for Google Search Console to be included in Google search results, but we highly recommend it. In fact, we include this with every website project as part of our SEO Starter Package.

Adding A User to Google Search Console

1. Go to google.com/webmasters and click on the blue sign in button at the top right:   

Google Search Console Landing Page

2. After you have signed in, you may have to select which property you want to add a user t0.

(If you only have one property added to Search Console, you might already be inside that account and you can skip this step.)

3. Click on the cog (flower-shaped icon) at the top right of the screen and then click on Users and Property Owners option in the dropdown. 

Dropdown of options



3. Enter the email address you want to add, and choose the permissions level. 

If you want to add a user (restricted has view-only rights, while a full access user can also take some actions).

manage property owners
Permission Level

If you want to add an owner: click on the blue ‘manage property owners’ link instead.

If someone else owns your Google Search Console account you should ask them to add you as an owner. This account is a valuable company asset and you should have full access, plus the ability to remove other users.


Google Search Console Access Troubleshooting

If you try to follow the steps above, and you are not able to sign in to Google Search Console, please check with the service provider who set up your account. Ask them to confirm what email they used to add you as a user (or send them these instructions so they can add you as an owner).

If you are a Full Serve client, you should have been provided with a Project Delivery Info Sheet that includes access information for all accounts related to the project.

If you do not see the option to add a user or owner once you sign in, it probably means your permission setting is not high enough to add users/owners. Contact your service provider and ask them to change your settings. (If your service provider is unable to do this for you, you can ask Google to transfer ownership, but this can be time consuming.) In the worst-case scenario, we can start a new account for you. When Full Serve sets up accounts for clients, we give them the highest level of access, this is part of our service delivery. You’ve paid us to set up the account – in our books, that makes you the owner.