You can re-arrange the boxes on your Facebook Page (Facebook calls them “views and apps,” some people call them “tabs,” but most of my clients describe them as boxes when they are asking questions about them).

When you click on the little arrow dropdown to the right of these boxes, it will show all of them (you are allowed to have up to 12). When you hover your mouse over the top right of a box a pencil will appear. Click it and you will be given the option to swap the box for a different one.

Up to 4 boxes show on your page (the rest will be hidden until someone clicks on the down arrow). The view box for your photos is restricted to the first spot, but you can swap out/arrange the remaining 4 boxes strategically.

You can also add apps to your page to add Twitter, Pinterest, or other apps (like Scribd, below) to this section.

How many views and apps are visible on my Page? | Facebook Help Center
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