What are LinkedIn Endorsements?

LinkedIn skill endorsements are a fast yet effective way to recommend your connections with just a click. You can endorse any of your first connections (people to whom you are directly connected) by visiting their profile. There may be a blue box at the top of their profile featuring some of skills the person has listed. You can also scroll down to the Skills and Expertise section of their profile to choose from the entire list of skills the person has listed.

Here are some helpful links at the LinkedIn help center:

Why Should I Endorse People On LinkedIn?
  • The generous act of endorsing connections is one of the “social” parts of social media.
  • Endorsements are much faster than recommendations – writing a recommendation for someone can be a time-consuming process.
  • If you subcontract projects out or work on a team, endorsements are a way to provide feedback to individuals on their performance and a great way to build morale.
  • Endorsements can also be used to strengthen client relationships.
  • People you endorse may endorse you back.
  • When you endorse someone your profile shows up on that person’s profile – potentially exposing you to new connections and/or clients. 

Note: Only endorse individuals you truly recommend for skills you know they possess. Your professional reputation may be damaged if you recommend someone whose performance is substandard.