Did you know you can create a Google Alert? It’s easy and a useful tool to monitor your online reputation. You can use it to find out when your name (or business name) is mentioned. You can also use it to monitor products or services or the competition.

How to Create a Google Alert

1. Go to google.ca/alerts.

2. Enter the word(s).

3. Select your settings (recommended settings shown below – you can always refine the settings once you start receiving alerts).

google alerts recommended settings

Google Alerts: Quick Tips

  • To search for an exact match of your business name, put quotations around the words. Example: “Full Serve Web”
  • To remove a word/words from a search, put a – in front of it. Example: “Full Serve” -“gas station”


More detailed step-by-step instructions right from the source: support.google.com.

Google Alerts – Troubleshooting

Check Your Alert Format – If you had alerts set up but haven’t received any alerts in a long time, go to google.ca/alerts and check your settings. The + sign was removed as a search operator when Google+ was introduced. For example, you may have had your alert set up like full+serve+web, but now it should be “full serve web”.

Check Your Settings – click on the pencil icon next to your alert at google.ca/alerts  – you can select the frequency, the sources and the quality of results (to get the most comprehensive alert results, select all of the sources listed and ‘all’ for how many results.

Report a problem – support.google.com/alerts.