Here are some definitions of terms used to measure the performance of Facebook ads:


What was the intended outcome of the Facebook ad? (Tip: it’s important to answer this question first, before you start spending money on advertising!) Examples of objectives: page likes, link clicks, page post engagement, local awareness, event responses.

Note: Facebook is currently transitioning over to new names for objectives, but they are not available to everyone yet. There is a list of the objectives with their corresponding new name in the Facebook Advertiser Help Centre.

red dictionary Results

The number of times your ad achieved the outcome, based on its objective. If your objective was website clicks (sending traffic to your website), the results section would report how many times a person clicked on the link in the ad and visited your website. If the objective was page likes, the results would show how many people likes your page as a result of the ad. 


This is the average cost per result. For example, if the objective for an ad was event responses and your results were 20 event responses with a $10 budget, the cost would be 50 cents per result.


Reach describes how many different people saw your ads at least once.


The number of impressions is the number of times an ad shows up in the viewable area of people’s screens. Impressions might include more than one view of the ad by the same person. For example, the ad might appear during multiple visits to Facebook by the same person. (If the person, scrolls down and then scrolls back up and see the same ad, this counts as only 1 impression.)


Engagement is a big word, and really deserves its own blog post! In general, I would define engagement as the interaction between a brand and its audience. Facebook breaks engagement down into these categories: people taking action, reactions to posts (Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry), post comments, post shares, link clicks, and page likes.

For a comprehensive list of ad terms and their definitions, please visit the Glossary of Ad Terms at the Facebook Advertising Help Centre.

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