If you have a RSS Newsletter, most of the content is automatically generated from your blog’s RSS newsfeed. However, you will also have sections that are part of the newsletter design and do not change regularly. For example: social sharing links, a book now button, office hours, or even a quote or featured product or event.

screenshot of Marine Drive newsletter


Here are instructions for editing RSS newsletter sidebars in Mailchimp:

1. Log in to Mailchimp
2. Click on campaigns (top left)
3. Click on Brio RSS Newsletter (actually click on the words)
4. Click on pause & Edit campaign (top right)
**This is where you can manually change the date and time it is going out if you ever need to**
5. Click on Design (very bottom of page)
6. Hover over the section you want to edit and click on edit Pencil icon.

Replacing a Picture? Click on Replace to replace photo. Note: You can edit the size of the photo once you upload a new one.
Changing Text? Change the text below to match new product.

Note: Do not make any changes to the RSS sections! These are set up to automatically grab your blog content to send out in the newsletter.

7. Click on Preview at top to see that it looks good! Note: The RSS sections should be showing the most recent blog content from your RSS feed. If they are not, it means you’ve changed something. Please review your work or contact Full Serve if you need help.

8. Click on Save & Close/ Save & Logout
9. Click on Reactivate -to get campaign activated and ready to go out automatically again. Note: Make sure your newsletter is reactivated or it won’t go out next time!

Mailchimp’s RSS newsletters are a fantastic option if you have a blog and you would like to send out a newsletter regularly without a big time commitment. Once this type of newsletter is set up, it requires very little maintenance. Contact Full Serve if you would like a RSS newsletter – we can design it, set it up, import your mailing list, and we also include newsletter support in our monthly service packages.