PDFs – Portable Document Format [PDF] allows you to control how a document looks when it is opened on various devices with different operating systems and software. Files available for download on a website should be in the PDF format.

How Do I Convert My File into a PDF?

You don’t need to buy Adobe software or download anything from the internet to make PDFs. Here are some solutions for you:

Microsoft Word

If you are creating your documents in Word, you have the option of saving it as a PDF in the ‘Save As’ options.

Mac Pages

If you are using Pages, you can export to PDF:

Create PDF in Pages

Google Docs

You can create PDFs from any computer anywhere for free using Google Drive. Create your document in Google Docs and then download it as a PDF:Google Docs to PDF


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*This works for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets and more.

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