Many of my clients like to keep their personal Facebook account separate from their business page and professional image, which is completely understandable! Other clients do not use Facebook at all, and just want a Facebook business page without a personal account. In the past, Facebook allowed you to set up a business account that did not require a personal Facebook profile; however, that option has now been removed. Clients often ask:

Can I have a Facebook page without a personal profile?

No, this isn’t possible. But here is some good news:

  • The page and your personal account are not visibly connected to people who view the page, it is only the means to access the Facebook page and act on its behalf.
  • When you use your personal account to access a business page on Facebook, no one visiting the business page can see that you’re an admin or that your personal account is associated with the page.

Facebook Page Admins

Privacy Concerns for Business Owners and their Employees 

If privacy is a concern and you don’t want anyone connected to your employer to see your personal Facebook profile, then you won’t want to be an admin of the page or you will want to check your privacy settings thoroughly before accepting an invitation to be added as an admin.

  • Any other admins on the page will be able to see your profile because your name will show to them when you post (see example below). Other admins can click on your name and it will take them to your Facebook personal profile, but will only show parts that are set to publicly visible (your profile photo, your cover, and anything else you have set to public).

Example of admin name showing on FB post

Some businesses create a new Facebook account and use that one to connect to their business page. This is against Facebook Community Standards and so not recommended.

Some people also use their personal Facebook account only for business purposes (for example, they are a real estate agent or doctor and so they are their own ‘brand’ and connect with their clients on Facebook). If a business is using a personal account instead of a page, Facebook has an option to convert to a business page. For more info about use of Facebook accounts: