I’ll be revving up my skills at the Interlink Conference Wednesday June 6 and Thursday June 7, beginning with a sold-out workshop with Chris Coyier (super web designer and author of the book Digging into WordPress) and followed by a full day of strategy, creativity and story telling from 8 different presenters. Here is one example:

Unbelieveable eCommerce

with Paul Boag

How a client and web designer came together to increase ecommerce sales on one site by 10,000% in 5 years.

Many believe the secret to a successful ecommerce site is to copy Amazon. However, that rarely works. Your website is not Amazon. Instead it has a unique offering that caters to a specific audience. Once you realize your uniqueness you can achieve unbelievable things. In his talk Paul explains how he took one ecommerce website from relatively successful beginnings to unbelievable heights. In only 5 years he and the team at Headscape increased sales on the site by a staggering 10,000%. What makes the story even more unbelievable is that the average customer is over 80 years old! This one example will act as a case study that guides you towards better understanding your audience and growing your online sales significantly.