A Quick Guide to Video Uploads on YouTube and Facebook


Here is a quick recap of some common questions I get asked about video uploads as an instructor and service provider. Why should I upload videos to YouTube and then embed them on my site rather than hosting them on my website? Video files can be very large and they can slow down your [...]

A Quick Guide to Video Uploads on YouTube and Facebook2020-03-11T13:53:07-07:00

Email Problems? Follow These Steps First


In the future when you get a report that any of your online forms or your emails are not working, please follow these quick steps before contacting me: 1. ask the reporter for more info - did they get a 'message failed' box pop up? A bounced back message? No reply to their email? 2. [...]

Email Problems? Follow These Steps First2019-12-30T15:18:31-08:00

Full Serve Summer Holidays


The Full Serve offices will be closed from July 4 - 22, 2018. Monthly service continues as scheduled. We'll be back in the office on Monday July 23, 2018. For questions related to invoicing, please contact Charles directly. I will be checking my emails regularly and never too far away from my laptop during this [...]

Full Serve Summer Holidays2018-06-20T09:57:10-07:00

What is a Cache? How Do I Delete It?


Another common question that we thought would be helpful to share with Full Serve clients: What does caching mean? And how do I delete my cache? A web cache (or HTTP cache) is an information technology for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce server lag. - Wikipedia Browser Cache [...]

What is a Cache? How Do I Delete It?2018-06-20T09:25:53-07:00

Google Sheets Basics: User-Friendly Tracking Forms


Here are some basic skills to help create a tracking sheet in Google Sheets. Tracking sheets are very useful, here are some examples of  how you might use one at your business: You might keep one at a front desk, to track all phone and email inquiries. This is extremely useful data for measuring ROI [...]

Google Sheets Basics: User-Friendly Tracking Forms2017-05-27T18:22:59-07:00

Create a LinkedIn Company Page


What is a LinkedIn Company Page? Facebook has business pages... LinkedIn has company pages. Their set up and functions are very similar but their audience is different. Who Should Have a LinkedIn Company Page? If you are B2B (business to business) or your target audience is made up of business professionals, LinkedIn company pages are a [...]

Create a LinkedIn Company Page2017-05-10T10:23:52-07:00

Get a Google Alert When Your Business Name is Mentioned on the Internet


Did you know you can create a Google Alert? It's easy and a useful tool to monitor your online reputation. You can use it to find out when your name (or business name) is mentioned. You can also use it to monitor products or services or the competition. How to Create a Google Alert 1. [...]

Get a Google Alert When Your Business Name is Mentioned on the Internet2017-05-23T09:18:38-07:00

Manage Your Business on Google


I get a lot of questions from clients about how to access their business on Google, and I'm not surprised - it's not easy to find! Here are some step-by-step instructions to get to your Google My Business dashboard, page settings, and the Google+ page for your business. Your Business on Google 1. Sign in [...]

Manage Your Business on Google2017-05-23T09:18:38-07:00

SEO: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. The world of SEO can be like the wild west - watch out for the people wearing black hats. If you get a phone call offering you a free Google listing or promising you a spot on the first page of search results - this is not [...]

SEO: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly2017-05-23T09:18:38-07:00

How to Add a User to Your Google Analytics Account


It is easy to add new users so that they can view and analyze your website's traffic in Google Analytics. Here are step by step instructions if  you want to provide a team member or a service provider with access to your Google Analytics account. Adding A User to Google Analytics 1. Go to google.com/analytics and [...]

How to Add a User to Your Google Analytics Account2017-05-23T09:18:39-07:00