How to Add a User to Your Google Webmaster Search Console Account


What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console used to be known as Google Webmasters and is located at Why Should Your Website Have a Google Search Console Account? it's free it helps you monitor how your site is performing in Google search results it shows you what Google sees when it crawls your [...]

How to Add a User to Your Google Analytics Account


It is easy to add new users so that they can view and analyze your website's traffic in Google Analytics. Here are step by step instructions if  you want to provide a team member or a service provider with access to your Google Analytics account. Adding A User to Google Analytics 1. Go to and [...]

Verify Your Facebook Page For Better Search Results


Is your Facebook page verified? When you verify your Facebook page, Facebook will call you and provide a verification code to enter. How Do I Know If My Facebook Page is Verified? Facebook explains that your page "will have a verified badge and show up higher in search results to help attract more visitors". The [...]

What is the difference between Keywords and Search Queries?


You will see these two terms used in reports generated from Google Analtyics and there are always questions - what is the difference between search queries and keywords? What are Search Queries? Search queries are words people type into the search engine which results in your site popping up (but not necessarily clicking through). Search Queries reports [...]