Is Your Hosting and Domain in Your Name?


At Full Serve, we feel that it is very important that your hosting and domain are registered to your name. Your domain name(s) and your website are valuable company assets. If your hosting and domains were part of a package you purchased from a service provider, what happens if that [...]

Is Your Hosting and Domain in Your Name?2017-05-23T09:18:39-07:00

How to Back Up Your WordPress Site


Full Serve Wordpress projects include a 1 year license to BackupBuddy whenever appropriate. Most Wordpress projects also include a coaching session, and one of the first things we cover during coaching is how to back up your Wordpress site. Wordpress Coaching: Back Up ReCap Here is a quick refresher: 1.  Log in to your Wordpress [...]

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What Do I Do If My WordPress Site Is Down?


If you have a Full Serve service plan, please contact us right away.  For emergencies like this, please text or call our main phone number. 604-328-2207. No service plan? Often the fastest and cheapest solution is to call your hosting company directly - they usually know why it's broken and often they can fix [...]

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Facebook Account Health Check


For many of us, Facebook plays a big part in our social and professional lives. Like any online account, it is important to make sure it is secure. When you forget your password, Facebook walks you through several steps to confirm your account has not been compromised. This is a valuable 'check up' you can [...]

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