Google+ Is Shutting Down – Here’s What to Do


Important Announcement about Your Google+ Account On the 2nd of April 2019, Google "will be shutting down consumer Google+ and will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ in your album archive and on your Google+ pages will also be deleted." If your gmail is associated with a G+ account [...]

How to Add a User to Your Google Webmaster Search Console Account


What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console used to be known as Google Webmasters and is located at Why Should Your Website Have a Google Search Console Account? it's free it helps you monitor how your site is performing in Google search results it shows you what Google sees when it crawls your [...]

Get a Google Alert When Your Business Name is Mentioned on the Internet


Did you know you can create a Google Alert? It's easy and a useful tool to monitor your online reputation. You can use it to find out when your name (or business name) is mentioned. You can also use it to monitor products or services or the competition. How to Create a Google Alert 1. [...]

What is the difference between Keywords and Search Queries?


You will see these two terms used in reports generated from Google Analtyics and there are always questions - what is the difference between search queries and keywords? What are Search Queries? Search queries are words people type into the search engine which results in your site popping up (but not necessarily clicking through). Search Queries reports [...]

Your Business on Google: Business Pages, Google+, Google Maps


Google Business listing, Google Business Page, Google+ account - what's the difference? There is some confusion about the difference between the different options at Google if you are a business. It seems like the information Google provides even contradicts itself at this point, but this might be because they are in the midst of an [...]

Your Business on Google: Resources


Here are some links to answers to frequently asked questions that business owners have about their presence on Google. For more information about the difference between your Google dashboard and Google+ business page, and the differences between a brand and a location, please visit our other blog post: Your Business on Google: Business Pages, Google+, [...]