How Do I Add a Link to a WordPress Post or Page?


If you are blogging or editing pages on a Wordpress site, eventually you will need to know how to add a link. What's a hyperlink anyways? noun hy·​per·​link | \ ˈhī-pər-ˌliŋk  \ Definition of hyperlink : an electronic link providing direct access from one distinctively marked place in a hypertext or hypermedia document to another in the same or a different document Internal Links Internal [...]

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What is a Cache? How Do I Delete It?


Another common question that we thought would be helpful to share with Full Serve clients: What does caching mean? And how do I delete my cache? A web cache (or HTTP cache) is an information technology for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce server lag. - Wikipedia Browser Cache [...]

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Do You Know About Todays Workshop?


Did you know Tanya Bennett is the founder of You probably know her as the owner  of Full Serve, but she is also a coach and instructor. Tanya originally created Todays Workshop in 2011 as a resource for business owners and entrepreneurs who participated in her Business Communications and Social Media workshops or attended one [...]

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What Do I Do If My WordPress Site Is Down?


If you have a Full Serve service plan, please contact us right away.  For emergencies like this, please text or call our main phone number. 604-328-2207. No service plan? Often the fastest and cheapest solution is to call your hosting company directly - they usually know why it's broken and often they can fix [...]

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