Here are some basic tips for writing a blog post. These tips will get your started and I think they act as a helpful review if you’ve already had your Full Serve coaching session. While these tips are meant to make your blog posts easier for your readers, many of them will also help your site with the search engines as well! These tips apply to all blogging platforms, not just WordPress, and are also applicable to Newsletters and many other forms of digital communication.

  1. Stay Focussed – In my experience, clients often write about several topics at once. It is much better to break these down into separate blog posts – you can always refer them to each other and link them together. Each blog post should have one clear topic.
  2. Short Paragraphs and Bullets – Break your message into bite-sized pieces so that it is easier for your reader to digest.
  3. Headings and Subheadings – Web visitors are often skimming content, looking for specific information. Use a larger, descriptive heading typewriter keys spelling out word Blogto give the reader a taste of  the paragraph that follows.
  4. Bold Statements – Show the reader a sentence is important by using bold text and/or by letting it stand alone on it’s own line.
  5. Images – Use your own high quality photos if possible or purchase stock images. Never use a photo without permission. Fill in the alt tag area to improve accessibility for blind or visually impaired visitors using screen readers.
  6. Style – Maintain a consistent style in each blog post that matches the rest of your website and overall branding. For example use the same colour palette, heading sizes, and use of bold, italics, underlining. Use the same size of photos and same alignment.