One of the first steps in a monthly service package is that we need to be added to your accounts so we can start working. Here is a list of social media platforms that are often include in our monthly service plans, with links to instructions. Some clients do this on their own, some clients require support over the phone or in person. It’s all about your comfort level, we are here to make things easy for you:
Part 1 – Add Us
We will be providing primary daily service, so we need access to your accounts. All members of our Full Serve team have signed a non-compete and non-disclosure contract, so your information is protected.

Need Support? We can walk you through these steps over the phone. However,  if you don’t have the time or the inclination to add us and you don’t mind providing us with your passwords to these accounts, we can add ourselves and then you can just change your passwords afterwards.

Part 2 – Share
We need you to provide your user name and password for these accounts. We will discuss the most secure way to do this.

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